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Who we are

We are the Art Galleries at Black Studies (AGBS) at the University of Texas at Austin. We are students and faculty and staff, and parents  and partners and singletons-- and in March of 2020, a global pandemic required changes to the life we knew. In an effort to halt the spread of a deadly virus, many of us retreated as public spaces shuttered their doors. AGBS's Christian-Green Gallery and Idea Lab are two of these spaces. As the denial of physical access to art became a challenge for art institutions around the world, AGBS held tight to its mission as we moved into uncharted territory. The strength of our mission, and our resolve to highlight creative expression of Black people from across the Diaspora, led us to The Narrative. 

The thinking: if we can't provide physical access to the art which prompts the conversations, critical thought and ideas which pass through the galleries, we can continue to further access to the narratives behind the works of art. For too long, the voices of Black people have been under-heard. In this space, we unapologetically share the layered complexity of our narrative.

Much like the art work we exhibit in the galleries, The Narrative is a platform where we combine the resources which inspire us to think, ask questions, and marvel at the world of Black material culture.

Thank you for joining our story!

-The AGBS team

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