15 Artists Capture the Rich History of Black Style

Afro-Sagrada Familia (Mawon Zahir Ajam), 2020. Long Gallery Harlem

This Artsy feature by Miss Rosen highlights the artists included in the exhibition “Styling: Black Expression, Rebellion, and Joy” at Long Gallery Harlem. The exhibition’s curator, Souleo, notes the importance of style to the survival of Black lives and personal expression.

“On the surface, art is futile against the forces that are trying to oppress us where we need policy changes, but I always go back and look at history and think about the civil rights movement and how art was always present during those times . . . People need affirmation that we’ve been here before and we’re going to get through it again as we fight for freedom and all the changes that need to happen. We are going to continue to enjoy our lives.” - Souleo