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A Rashid Johnson Sketchbook

Rashid Johnson. Page from Untitled Sketchbook, 2020.

Image courtesy of the artist.

In this interview for the Museum of Modern Art, artist Rashid Johnson speaks with Samantha Friedman about a never-before-seen drawing project. Johnson shares some of his thoughts about his own creative process, while unveiling some works from an untitled sketchbook. Johnson remarks on his own philosophy of linemaking and how picking up a sketchbook in the middle of a global pandemic allowed him to reconnect with parts of himself and his past.

“I feel like art has led me to feel less alone, which was never really my intention. I came to art from more of an academic positioning. I thought: tell honest stories, be focused, think about history. Yet it’s become far more poetic, which is a really beautiful part of why I chose this direction for myself.” - Rashid Johnson
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