Adraint Bereal's "The Black Yearbook": Photos from the University of Texas at Austin

Adraint Bryant, Black Homecoming, September 28, 2019.

The University of Texas at Austin boasts over 40,000 undergraduate students. Yet, of this number, just 4 percent are Black and 1.5 percent are Black men. Out of this experience as a Black undergraduate student at the university, Adraint Bereal created The Black Yearbook. His project documents the experiences of Black students at the predominantly white college through over 100 interviews and photographs.

Recently, Bereal's project has been covered by The Atlantic, with Adam Harris writing about The Black Yearbook's evocative representation of Black student life. The New York Times also featured Bereal's photography, alongside interviews of students who appear in The Black Yearbook - Xavier McNeil, Rebecca Petty, and Jordan Walters. Congratulations to Adraint Bereal for the features and for his upcoming exhibition at the Carver Museum & Cultural Center in Austin!

"In several images, students turn their back to the camera. This, Bereal told me, is how white students too often see their Black peers: as faceless. They regularly mistake one for another. But even shot from behind, Bereal’s subjects reveal their individuality—a do-rag here, an expressive pose there."