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AGBS' "Collecting Black Studies": A Review

From left: Letitia Huckaby, Flower Girl, 2011. Christina Coleman, Body of Art, 2014. Werllayne Nunes, Rainha do Ma, 2009.

From the Black Studies Art Collection, University of Texas at Austin. Photos by Mark Doroba.

With many major art institutions scrambling to become more inclusive by adding Black artists to their collections, it is rare to find an exhibition that specifically showcases its range and depth of Black Diaspora artists. In this review for Sightlines, Ranae Jarrett comments upon the Art Galleries at Black Studies' latest exhibition, Collecting Black Studies: An Exhibition. Jarret recalls her experience of walking through the show and marveling at the range of artists, their breadth of d iverse mediums, and the way Black art has been so expansively conceived in the show. With Collecting Black Studies: An Exhibition, AGBS demonstrates how their dedication to the creative expression of the Black Diaspora has always been the heart of our mission.

"Collecting Black Studies: An Exhibition" is on view until May 14 at the Christian-Green Gallery.

“The issue is about more than representation. It’s about opening the parameters of which works of art matter to our conceptions of self so that we come to know our history, and know where we might go.” - Renae Jarrett
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