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Alteronce Gumby on His Cosmic Abstractions

Alteronce Gumby, The sky was Blue glass, 2020, gemstones, painted glass and acrylic on panel 135 × 178 cm.

Image courtesy of the artist and Charles Moffett, New York.

In this interview for Frieze, Alteronce Gumby spoke with writer Terence Trouillot about the signature glass pieces and gemstones in his artwork, as well as the inspiration behind the color palette that is frequently used in his work. Speaking on everything from Afrofuturism to the possible color spectrum on other planets, Gumby’s paintings imagine Black life and identity in a way that can only accurately be called cosmic.

“I really do look at my paintings as spaceships, as these vessels that can allow my consciousness and imagination to go to distant planets. I think about the images that I make as cosmic landscapes. I’m trying to imagine what it would be like to stand on another planet and to see colours not as fixed but as something that can shift.” - Alteronce Gumby
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