An Artist Explores Black Masculinity and Tenderness

In an interview with Antwaun Sargent for Vice, artist Shikeith Cathey discusses how his photography challenges stereotypes of Black men as hypermasculine.

Shikeith Cathey, Brush Your Blues, 2017. Photo courtesy of the artist.

In 2016, the John L. Warfield Center, along with other UT Austin entities, invited emerging artist Shikeith to discuss his film #Blackmendream, which challenges misconceptions around Black masculinity. In an interview with Vice, Shikeith elaborates on his art-making in an interview with writer and art critic Antwaun Sargent. The pair speak the complexities of Black masculinity and the cultural figures who have influenced Shikeith's work.

"There is a refusal embedded in my pictures, but also my use of shadow and light, and decisions about display, points to me as a black male taking ownership of signifying the beauty and possibility of these bodies." -Shikeith