Artist-Activist Yves B. Golden on Honoring the “Spirit of Black/Trans Resilience”

Cover of Yves B. Golden's Good Fist of Creation (2020).

Image courtesy of Yves B. Golden and Enes Publishing.

For Yves B. Golden, there are no boundaries between her work as an artist and activist. In fact, they are one and the same. Camila McHugh's Hyperallergic article covers Golden's work, from co-founding the Herbal Mutual Aid Network (HMAN) to her collection of poetry titled Good Fist of Creation. In the feature, Yves B. Golden encourages others to resist rigidity while letting our imaginations guide us into the future.

“I have no doubt that collectively we can create a new model that prioritizes care, liberates and transforms, eliminates the glass vessel that fixes water to its shape. But to achieve that we are going to have to get really abstract and let our imaginations lead us into this next phase. No more glass, only flow.” - Yves B. Golden