Artist Kennedy Yanko on Her Solo Show in Milan

Kennedy Yanko. Photo Dylan Beckman. Courtesy of the artist.

In this interview for All the Pretty Birds, artist Kennedy Yanko sits down with writer Suzanne McFayden to speak about her solo exhibition, Because it’s in my blood, which opened at Galleria Poggiali in Milan, earlier this year. Yanko opens up to McFayden about 'rawness' and 'realness,' her creative process, and the ways in which her current show is an artistic dialogue between her and funk singer, Betty Davis. By using the late songstress and her dismissal from popular culture as muse, Yanko says her work explores how to make reality, and interiority, align– while also making sure they don’t get too close.

“Listening to her funk, absorbing her rawness, experiencing the beast she let out — I realized I needed to release that too. I needed to get it out of my body and into the collective energy I feel circulating. I’m proud of the way my voice has come out, alongside her spirit, and how this work is contributing to the conversations we all know we need to be having.”