Austin Museum Day Bingo Card

This bingo card was created for 'Austin Museum Day.' But you can try your hand at this fun activity, year-round. Curiosity required. PJs optional! (See below for how to win.)

On September 20th, 2020, in honor of the 23rd annual Austin Museum Day, the AGBS team invites virtual-visitors to explore The Narrative's articles, playlists, virtual-exhibitions, and more. To help participants dig into these resources, this bingo card (above) helps spotlight some of the website's features, and sheds light on the layers of Black Studies.

Want to win some AGBS swag? Before September 22nd, email us when you've completed a row for a chance to win!

Austin, Texas, is home to dozens of museums and galleries that celebrate the arts, culture, history, science, and nature-- and AGBS is a proud member of the Austin Museum Partnership (AMP.) For 23 years, AMP has hosted Austin Museum Day, offering free activities to encourage the larger community to discover cultural institutions across the city. Austin Museum Day looks different this year. But no less fun!