Awol Erizku Is Creating a New Language

Quotidian Drip, 2018-2020

Digital Chromatic Print

26x20 inches

Art critic Antwaun Sargent sits down with photographer and conceptual artist Awol Erizku in this interview for GQ. The two discuss the artist's new solo exhibition, “Awol Erizku: Mystic Parallax”, on view at the Flag Art Foundation through November, 2020. Erizku speaks about his artistic practice which he calls “Afro-esotericism”-- a concept that explores the wealth of Black history by mixing precolonial African aesthetics with modern imagery of Black cultural life.

“It's about reclaiming some symbols as a way to reconnect them back to Africa—like Nefertiti—but also a deliberate way of showing the hand and the affinity that I have towards the older generation and the artists that I know have opened the way for me to do what I'm doing now. I am bowing to my elders.” - Awol Erizku