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Black Cultural Archives

R. Sampson, Notting Hill Carnival, 1980.

Image courtesy of Google Arts & Culture.

Recently, Black Cultural Archives teamed up with Google Arts & Culture to collaborate and expand users' knowledge of Black Diaspora art. Google Arts & Culture serves as an advantageous resource for learning and digging into different art forms, both past and present. Their most recent partnership with Black Cultural Archives celebrates Black British history. Through videos, artwork, and more, the site documents the histories and experiences of Black British people, from the legacy of the Windrush generation to the cause and effects of the 1981 Brixton Uprising.

“A two-year project in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, we have digitised over 4,000 items from the BCA, forming a series of curated online exhibitions and stories which can be accessed globally to help inspire and educate." - Writer for "Black Cultural Archives"
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