Chika: "To live as a Black, queer, plus-sized, person is to constantly be in danger"

Photograph by Steven Traylor for i-D.

Chika, a rising star on the music scene, sat down with writer Jenna Mahale for this intimate feature for i-D. The rapper and poet shares details about her life, career, and art-making process-- and the effects of her own mental health, on her creative expression.

“The way that I talk about myself and my mental health, although it seems revolutionary to some people, is just the basis of being a person: to talk and be honest about what you're experiencing. And then in turn, you let people relate to that, particularly people who didn't know they would relate. That is the healing and the conversation that we need to be having. It's an easy thing for me simply because I think it's so needed, and we neglect it too often.” - Chika