Curator Legacy Russell on How ‘Glitch Feminism’ Can Be a Tool to Radically Reimagine the World

Still from Tabita Rezaire, Afro – Cyber Resistance (2014). Image courtesy of the artist.

Curator Legacy Russell has some thoughts about how we can radically reimagine the world. In addition to tearing it all down, in this interview with Ben Davis for Artnet, the curator shares the theories which are further explored in her new book, Glitch Feminism: A Manifesto. The book is both personal and theoretical as Russell thinks through her multiple identities as a Black queer femme woman who negotiates body, technology, identity and art.

“ . . . I want to think about the fact that the people themselves—myself included—are the glitch in the system, to ask the question of what it means to be a broken self, to fail in a system that has failed us, rather than to succumb to the pressure to assimilate or conform within a culture that doesn’t love us, a culture that does not recognize our right to live and make a life.” - Legacy Russell