Equinox Sessions Amplify Black Artists and the Community

Kayla Marque performing for the Equinox Sessions / Photo Courtesy of Lady Cactus Media

In light of the pandemic and recent protests for Black lives, community-organizer, Amanda Gonulsen, launched the Equinox Sessions-- a series of performances in which Black musicians (in the Denver area) can showcase their talents while raising funds for organizations of the artists’ choosing. In this feature for 303 Magazine, writer Kori Hazel highlights the work done by Amanda Gonulsen, and the range of musicians who contribute to the Equinox Sessions.

You can listen to the sessions here, on the Lady Cactus YouTube page.

“I knew I really wanted to continue to give for the greater good since I had been giving since early COVID and all that. I knew that we had such a rich music community and I wanted to do something to honor Black artists and to do something to raise money, and I knew I wanted all of us to say yes to whoever raising money for.” - Amanda Gonulsen