Film Screening and Q+A w María Magdalena Campos-Pons, Wendi Norris & Natasha Becker

A part of the Fine Art Museums of San Francisco's Virtual Wednesday programming, this talk brings together renowned artist María Magdalena Campos-Pons with gallerist Wendi Norris and independent curator Natasha Becker. The conversation centers on Campos-Pons’ short film, When We Gather (2021), which celebrates women who have played an elemental role in the progress of the United States. The short film also issues a call to create paths forward for future leaders and progressives. This esteemed panel uses their time together to explore themes of healing, creativity, and unity.

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When speaking about the film, Campos-Pons revealed that the idea came to her in a dream. She had this to say about the making and conceiving of the video:

“I feel myself as a conduit from one energy to another energy, that I was out in the middle to to pass this information and to make sure that this littered a homage. A gathering of feelings, emotions, ideas and desires and power from very ancestral time to the present took place and I feel that very deeply. There was an ancestral gift put into place for something that couldn’t wait any longer to be made.”