Finding Intimacy within Black Feminist Criticism

Jessica Lynne, on the left with ARTS.BLACK partner, Taylor Aldridge. Photo courtesy of Ash Arder.

Jessica Lynne is a Brooklyn-based writer and art critic who strives to attend to the intricacies of Black women artists and their creative productions. Using Black feminist literary theorist Barbara Smith as a model and beacon, Lynne attempts to think through intimacy as a methodology to carefully appreciate and apprehend the work of Black women creatives. In this feature for Distributed Web of Care, Lynne thinks through her proximity to Black women artists as a boon to her work, as sustained thought and care.

“I am often asked: who are you writing for? This question is typically followed by: why do you write? To employ a praxis of Black feminist criticism means that I write to place care around the practices of Black women artists. Their work. Their archives. Their fullness.” - Jessica Lynne