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Frank Bowling: ‘My art isn’t about politics, it’s about paint’

Frank Bowling, Swimmers, 2020.

Courtesy of the artist and Hauser & Wirth. Photo: Thomas Barratt.

In a recent feature by The Art Newspaper, Louisa Buck interviewed artist Frank Bowling and discussed his journey in the arts, from his beginnings in British Guiana to London and New York. He recalls how his early art education in London shaped him as a painter rather than following his initial path as a poet. In the interview, Bowling discusses how he positions himself as a "whole world" artist rather than a Black artist who creates black art. He finds the label of "Black artist" restrictive, as there are expectations that people have about what the work should look like and address.

“My art is international. It’s a whole world thing—that’s what my painting is all about." - Frank Bowling

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