Glitching the “Real”: An Interview with Legacy Russell

Legacy Russell / Photo by Mina Alyeshmerni

Writer and curator, Legacy Russell, speaks about her new book, Glitch Feminism, in this candid interview for ATM Magazine (a fave resource!) For Russell, existing as a ‘glitch’ is her everyday existence as a Black queer femme woman. Bringing together discussions of art, cyberfeminism, and futurity, Russell thinks of ‘glitching’ as an opportunity to refuse the status quo, and embody other possibilities. Russel thinks of her book as both a manifesto and a corrective history to how digital spaces have been discussed thus far.

“Glitch feminism pays homage to a broader history of feminism, but also recognizes that feminism in its foundation, and the definition of “woman,” really was an exclusionary politic. The glitch wants to do better, to encourage us to recognize the work of blackness and queerness toward the emancipatory gains of a feminist movement as it has existed, exists now, will continue to exist.” - Legacy Russell