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H-Town Future Shock: Solange’s When I Get Home

Cover image for Solange's When I Get Home, released March 1, 2019.

Solange Knowles has carved out a lane of powerful artistic production that is all her own. In this feature for the Rice Design Alliance, Jessica Green writes about Solange’s 2019 album When I Get Home, which serves as a visual and sonic ode to the artist’s hometown of Houston, TX. Green expands on how the album is both a personal reflection of Knowles’ love for the city that birthed her, as well as an expansive piece of art that heralds Black collectivity and imagination.

“This work of interlocking dream logics defies easy categorization; it isn’t hampered by zoning laws of the mind . . . When I Get Home is an thoroughly postmodern work, reflecting the postmodernity of its origin and inspiration: Houston, America’s most diverse, sprawling, and slyly futurist city.” - Jessica Green
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