How Beyoncé-Approved Stylist Daniel Obasi is Using Fashion to Create Limitless Futures

Lagos Futurism by Daniel Obasi and Willy Verse. Credit: Daniel Obasi

Allyssia Alleyne from CNN recently spoke with the visionary artist Daniel Obasi about the power of Instagram, a secret-project for Bey, and Afrofuturism. While having shot portraits for the New York Times and Billboard, and styled fashion editorials for Vogue Portugal and Dazed, Obasi has come to prominence most recently for helping realize Beyonce’s Afro-diasporic aesthetic in the visual album “Black Is King,” for Disney Plus.

“So I think the powerful thing about imagery is that it speaks volumes, you don't even need to say so much when it comes with a great, great image. I like to consider what we do a subtle and quiet activism in it's own right.” - Daniel Obasi