How ‘Lovers Rock’ Cinematographer Captured Love, Black Culture and Community

Still from Lovers Rock. Image courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Lovers Rock, the second film in Steve McQueen’s Small Axe anthology, focuses on the reggae music sub-genre of the same name. Shabier Kirchner, the cinematographer for all the Small Axe films, recently spoke with Jazz Tangcay for Variety. In this interview, Kirchner shares how he decided to shoot the film, and his intentions for documenting and celebrating the house parties that gave this genre of music its life.

“We decided very quickly that the camera needed to feel like a person at the party, but every type of person, not just one type of person. We had conversations about the darkness and nighttime being a safe place? We also talked about wanting to make every single person at this party important, and how do we express that?” - Shabier Kirchner