Howardena Pindell's 1988 Article Feels More Timely Than Ever

Howardena Pindell in her studio. Photo by D. James Dee.

Image courtesy of the artist and Garth Greenan Gallery, New York.

In the face of a global pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests, the art world is being taken to task about the exclusive practices that have harmed marginalized communities, artists, and staff members. In this climate, Art Papers magazine has re-published the artist Howardena Pindell's 1988 article Where is the Art World Left?, a critique that remains relevant to today's conversations.

"After a period of cathartic silence it seems as if artist’ voices are re-emerging as they attempt to assert their rights over the representation and presentation of their work. Hopefully, with this re-evaluation the universal family of artists will be truly universal and not limited to artists of European descent."