Hyperrealistic Portraits by Artist Arinze Stanley Reflect the Emotions of Black Experiences

“Mindless #3.” All images © Arinze Stanley, courtesy of Corey Helford Gallery, shared with permission.

Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley uses graphite and charcoal to create portraits that are equal parts hyperreal and otherworldly. Believing that art is a form of political activism, in this piece for Colossal, he told Grace Ebert he wishes to amplify the voices of the unheard.

“In my opinion, artists are custodians of time and reality, hence why I try to inform the future about the reality of today, and through these surreal portraits seen in my new body of work, Paranormal Portraits, navigate my viewers into what is almost a psychedelic and uncertain experience of being Black in the 21st Century.” - Arinze Stanley