Interview with Filmmaker Moses Lawi

Photo of filmmamer Moses Lawi. Image courtesy of the artist.

Asha Ward, for Blackfilm, recently sat down with Moses Lawi, the Tanzanian-American filmmaker who recently won the 2020 Black Filmmakers and Writers Grant. Lawi’s film GOLDS, follows the life of Mercy, a young boy from an impoverished neighborhood who must come up with creative ways to raise money for his ill mother. Lawi speaks on his life, education, and the filmmakers who have inspired him such as Barry Jenkins, Ryan Coogler, and Spike Lee. In the end, Lawi hopes to tell stories that feel real for his audience.

“When it comes to creating stories, I try to tell stories that are grounded and essentially in the drama realm. Although those kinds of stories may not always be true to where you’re at or where I’m at, they’re definitely true somewhere else.” - Moses Lawi