Introducing the Black Painters Academy, a New School Dedicated to Black Art History

Azikiwe Mohammed at the location of the Black Painters Academy.

Image courtesy of Azikiwe Mohammed.

Dissatisfied with the Eurocentricism of art institutions and art education, artist and entrepreneur, Azikiwe Mohammed, has established the Black Painters Academy - a school where aspiring painters can learn from the rich history of Black art. This school is set up to open early next year in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood. In this feature for Hyperallergic, Valentina Di Liscia speaks with Mohammed about his vision for the school, and his motivations for its creation.

“A painter’s currency are the secrets and tricks they gather over their years of working. I want to help people find their secrets. Historically the examples we have been presented in this field center on a white art history that excludes us at every turn. I aim to offer a different departure point.” - Azikiwe Mohammed