Kapwani Kiwanga Wins France’s Top Art Prize

Kapwani Kiwanga. © Bertille Chéret

We're thinking about Kapwani Kiwanga this week, as she claims the Prix Marcel Duchamp-- France’s most prestigious art prize. Utilizing anthropological research, Kiwanga’s oeuvre has spanned installation, sculpture, photography, film and more. In the sculptural series that won her the prize, “Flowers for Africa,” she researched the independence ceremonies for African countries and rigorously recreated the flower arrangements that appeared at them. Read more about Kiwanga's work in this thoughtful 2018 interview with Yaniya Lee in Canadian Art, and read Alex Greenberger's report, in Artnews, on artist's momentous win.

For me, the impossibility of translation was a fundamental consideration, because of course language shapes how one sees the world and how cosmologies are created, how one travels through the world. - Kapwani Kiwanga