Kimberly Drew on Why the Stodgy Old Art World Is Finally Opening Up to New Ideas

Kimberly Drew. Photo by Travis Matthews.

Kimberly Drew has come to the fore as a leading voice in the connection between art and activism– championing the voices and work of Black creators. Drew’s first book, This is What I Know About Art, serves as a kind of young-adult instruction manual for those seeking to navigate the art world. In this interview for Artnet, Noor Brara sits down with Drew who began her career as the social media manager for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and has committed herself to making art institutions more equitable for diverse creators.

“I realized that for those who are interested in participating in the art world on an institutional level, their education needs to start earlier. For me, it took such a long while to figure out that I wanted to be studying art and that art was a possibility for me, and so I wanted to write a young-adult book specifically to light that fire for those who might be considering art in some capacity, and maybe need a little bit of hand-holding to see themselves realized as art professionals.”