Meet Texas Isaiah, First Trans Photographer to Shoot 'Vogue' Cover

Activist, writer, and director Janet Mock for Vogue, shot by Texas Isaiah. Image courtesy of the artist.

In this interview with Mikelle Street for Out, Brooklyn-born photographer, Texas Isaiah, talks about his career and artistic vision. Coming off the fame of being the first trans photographer to shoot a cover for Vogue, Isaiah discusses what it means for a Black trans masculine person to control the gaze in a medium that has historically been the cultural terrain of White cisgender men. Isaiah speaks on his feelings on being the “first” and what work still needs to be down in image-making and creative industries to truly honor the lives and artistry of Black queer people.

“My artistic practice prioritizes Black and Brown individuals, especially trans and gender-expansive individuals, due to the widespread invisibility they experience in mainstream visual culture. My interest lies in how atmospheres transform intimacies between people and physical spaces and how that transformation manifests concerning their relationship with the camera.” - Texas Isaiah