On Texas Time: Ari Brielle, Dallas Visual Artist

Illustration by Jenn Hair; Photo of Brielle by Luis Kier.

In this feature for Texas Monthly, Doyin Oyeniyi spoke with painter Ari Brielle, who was born and raised in Dallas. Brielle has been making art from a young age, but her current work deals with Black femininity, identity and softness. As part of On Texas Time's on going series, Brielle shares how she came to her current artistic practice and the many things she has unlearned through her growth as an artist and a person.

“I’ve always loved taking an image and flipping it and changing the narrative. It’s something that you can recognize, but it’s in a different context. So I started thinking about doing that but with people in our communities that we recognize as icons, like Toni Morrison, Sade, or Audre Lorde, and it was really cool to see the people that picked up on that and who recognized that.” - Ari Brielle