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Painter Sedrick Huckaby Looks His Subjects in the Eye, From Dreamers to an Ex-President

Sedrick Huckaby, Soñadores (Three Pieces), 2018.

Photo by James Wilson.

Michael Agresta, writing for Texas Monthly, explores the painting techniques and portraiture stylings of artist Sedrick Huckaby. Huckaby is well-known for his focus on traditional African American quilts and his portraits, which often depict people from his home of North Texas. Agresta writes about the artist's solo show at the Blanton Museum of Art, which runs through December 5, 2021. As a whole, Huckaby's work explores our varied life experiences and personalities, and what Agresta calls the "human element" of the artist's work.

"In their eyes and expressions, their skin and the set of their jaws, their hairstyles, jewelry, and other adornments—and, more mysteriously, in the textures of Huckaby’s paint—we can trace the suggestion of varied life experiences and personalities." - Michael Agresta
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