Queer Love in Color

Jamal Jordan's "Queer Love in Color" shows that Black queer love is both enduring and undeniable.

Dom Spence, left, and Nick Spence, impede the flow of pedestrian traffic on Manhattan's 42nd Street. Photo by Jamal Jordan/The New York Times.

As a young boy, Jamal Jordan, a digital storytelling editor for the New York Times, rarely witnessed images of queer people of color in love. His project (and soon to be book!), "Queer Love in Color," kicked off in 2018 and documents Black queer couples through touching portraits and interviews.

"As a visual journalist, I believe pictures can connect with people in a way that other forms of media can’t. To this end, I decided to give a gift to my younger self: the imagery of queer love I’ve never seen. Queer love in color."