Quilts of Color

Laverne Brackens sits in front of one of her early quilts made with silk from Japan.

Image courtesy of Montinique Monroe.

DaLyah Jones for the Texas Observer spotlights the life and art of Laverne Brackens. Brackens, a renowned and award-winning quilt-maker, was named a National Heritage Foundation Fellow in 2011- the highest honor for both folk and traditional arts in the United States. For all her prestige, Brackens still wants her beautiful creations to be used as quilts, by those who acquire her work. In this feature, get to know the personal family legacy that informs Brackens’ practice and how she came to the artform she is known for.

“Memories of watching her mother, grandmother, and aunts sew quilts from a quilting frame extended from the ceiling that would inform her own sewing . . .While the women worked, Brackens spent her time on the floor underneath the cloth, catching stray pieces of fabric that would eventually adorn her baby dolls and absorbing the sewing lore of her family’s matriarchs.” - DaLyah Jones