Tavares Strachan’s New Performance Illuminates Histories Once Left in the Dark

Tavares Strachan, Alicia Alonso (2020).

Photo by Lewis Ronald.

The exploration of art, politics, aeronautics, astronomy, deep-sea exploration, and extreme climatology, allows New York-based Bahamian artist, Tavares Strachan, to shed light on historical figures that have been marginalized in dominant Western history. Experiencing Strachan's "In Plain Sight,"currently on view at the Marian Goodman Gallery in London, is the starting point for Naomi Rea's essay about the artist, for Artnet. Strachan’s current work is part of a series titled, Encyclopedia of Invisibility, which documents lesser-known Black people in scattered and non-linear narratives.

“I think there’s a fundamental lack of clarity surrounding colonialism in general. There is a kind of caricature that I think represents colonialism as a demon. I don’t think that’s what colonialism is. I think it’s more subtle, and a lot more sophisticated in its aggression.” - Tavares Strachan