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The Laundromat Project’s Kemi Ilesanmi Wants to Make Art a Necessity

The Laundromat Project’s Field Day Festival in Harlem, 2015. Photo by Ray Llanos. Courtesy of The Laundromat Project.

In this feature for Artsy, writer Terence Trouillot speaks with the executive director of The Laundromat Project (The LP), Kemi Ilesanmi. Championing art as a vehicle for change and education, the New York-based organization meets local communities of color where they are: community gardens, plazas, and even laundromats-- activating these spaces for people to come together, share their thoughts, and work out creative solutions for the problems that affect their neighborhoods. Learn more about Ilesanmi, her work with The LP, and how the organization has fostered a sense of community both before and during the pandemic.

“What we really do is we build, we nourish, and we equip people to be community leaders and use their full creative arsenal to envision and make the world that they deserve and want to live in.” - Kemi Ilesanmi
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