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Thelma Golden on Merging Past, Present, and Future at the Studio Museum in Harlem

Thelma Golden. Photo courtesy of Julia Skarratt.

Thelma Golden has spent the majority of her career at the Studio Museum in Harlem, even taking the helm as its director in 2005. In this interview for Artnews, Alex Greenberger spoke with Golden to discuss next steps for the museum as it prepares to open a new building. Golden opened up about the museum’s relationship with Harlem residents and what the future of the institution holds as a space for both artists and curators to cement their careers.

“What does it mean to be building this new museum at a moment where we’re talking about the recovery and walking with a sense of imagination of the city and the Harlem community? I know the moment that the Studio Museum was founded had to feel something like this moment now. I have been so gratified that, when I walk the streets of Harlem, the sense of the museum’s future is attached to a real sense of hope.” - Thelma Golden
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