Vintage Furniture Reveals the Legacy of Caribbean Modernism

Caribbean Modern display at Design Miami 2020

Photograph by Kris Tamburello. Image courtesy of artist.

Samuel Rutter's feature for Artnews discusses the growing interest in documenting Jamaican modern design. Jamaican fine art consultant and curator Rachael Barrett speaks about her efforts to showcase this overlooked history through the exhibit Caribbean Modern: Jamaica 1920-1980, which was on view at Design Miami last December. The pieces of furniture which are all still currently up for sale reflect Jamaica's trajectory from a former British colony to an independent nation determined to carve out its own distinctive style and aesthetic.

“It’s only been in the last ten years that we’ve found an international market for Caribbean art. We are slowly beginning to see Jamaicans themselves collect art and furniture that can be found in the houses of older relatives, or at estate sales.” - Rachael Barrett