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Wangechi Mutu and Carrie Mae Weems on the Profound Impulse to Make Art

“She Walks,” 2019. Courtesy of the Artist and Victoria Miro, London.

Renowned photographer Carrie Mae Weems and multimedia artist Wangechi Mutu recently connected for a conversation for Interview Magazine. The two visionaries speak about everything from Mutu’s childhood, to how they are both dealing with the loneliness of quarantine. No matter where the conversation strays, it always returns to art. What is the artist's role? How is one’s creative work received by the public and why? What is the impetus for creating art in the first place?

Each question is considered when these two art-stars sit down for a chat.

“Art-making was never just about being expressive. For me, it is very much about the utterance of humanity . . . I do believe that the most grounded, clear, and compassionate artists are always trying to find a way to communicate that same thing, to say, ‘Yes, this is a scary world, but we will get through the night like we have for tens of thousands of years.’” - Wangechi Mutu
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