“We’re Not Going Anywhere”: Genevieve Gaignard and Her Art Are Ready for This and Every Moment

Artist Genevieve Gaignard speaks with Vanity Fair: reminding people that her work is about a movement, not a moment.

Genevieve Gaignard, Ladybirds, 2019.

© Genevieve Gaignard, Courtesy of the Artist and Vielmetter Los Angeles.

Through her artwork and calls to action, artist Genevieve Gaignard wants to make one thing clear - she's not stifling her voice when it comes to advocating for Black lives. In an article with Vanity Fair, Gaignard outlines how her artwork asks viewers to confront uncomfortable presumptions that they may hold about identity. Referencing popular culture and stereotypes, the artist continues to challenge audiences about their beliefs surrounding race, beauty standards, and consumption.

“People want to get in on this thing that feels like it’s a moment,” Gaignard said in early March, sitting in her Los Angeles studio surrounded by materials she uses in her pieces, from antiques to wigs and racks of costumes. “But I assure you we’re not going anywhere.” - Genevieve Gaignard