What It Takes to Make Museum Boards More Diverse

Installation view of “SHAN Wallace: 410” at The Baltimore Museum of Art, March 2020.

Photo by Mitro Hood. Courtesy of The Baltimore Museum of Art.

In this feature for Artsy, Yaling Jiang speaks to the heightened awareness of the lack of diversity in museums. But while museums have done a better job recently at showcasing diversity on their walls, many institutions still fail to include people of color as members of their leadership. Speaking with a range of museum professionals, Jiang explores multiple perspectives, and obstacles, as museums seek to change not only how they look, but how they function as a whole.

“This country decided that there’s something holistically wrong in our institutions, so everyone’s been trying to make good with Black people. When an institution says that they are down for Black Lives Matter, I know that I, and most of my friends, started looking up who that institution is. Who’s on their corporate board, who are their managers?” - Dana King