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When Passion Becomes Profession: As told by Venus Williams and Adam Pendleton

Adam Pendleton, “Untitled (We Are Not)," 2020. Image from Interview Magazine.

In a recent feature from Interview Magazine, Venus Williams sat down with New York artist Adam Pendleton to discuss his career in the arts and the motivation behind his artistic process and journey. Williams finds many similarities between herself and Pendleton, as they both began realizing their talents at a young age. Pendleton's confidence to take risks has not dimmed and its most notably represented in his visual art pieces, which engage in political activism, social justice, and socio-historical events. His interest in the tension between language and image, and his desire for sustained audience engagement drive Pendleton to not only continue creating artwork but also enjoy the process.

“Art isn’t necessarily about making sense. It involves the willingness to be misunderstood. I think we all need to be more willing to be misunderstood." -Adam Pendleton

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