Why Africa’s future museums should forget Western models

The Palais de Lomé, Togo's first contemporary arts centre, opened in November last year. ©Les films du ciel, courtesy of Palais de Lomé

Museums on the African continent are stained with a long history of European invasion and colonialism. As African creatives and curators are gaining prominence in the global art market, some are wondering if the simple transplantation of Western practices into African art contexts is really the goal. In this feature by Clémentine Deliss for The Arts Newspaper, the issue and possibility of revolutionizing museums in Africa is under consideration. Deliss speaks to the history of inequity in the construction of cultural heritage institutions in Africa and how this may change for the future.

“In an art world in which mercantilism and activism lock horns, the time is ripe for artists and not only curators to reconfigure what can actually be done within the walls of a museum.” - Clémentine Deliss